Art Perspective: ShebeLady Blue

ShebeLady Blue is a nail artist who caught my attention  back in 2012 with her style and beauty. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about herself and her practice.


C Dyann: How did you become interested in nail artistry? 

ShebeLady Blue: When I was a young girl my auntie lived with my mother and I, at the time she was in cosmetology school studying an that’s when I became exposed to the beauty industry. My auntie would practice doing my nails and I was really fascinated with the art of nail enhancements.

 C Dyann: Why do women feel the need to get their nails painted?

 ShebeLady Blue: I’ve learned that women have been enhancing their natural beauty since the beginning of time, but overall it make us feel good, adding color or just grooming expresses individuality.


C Dyann: How do pedicures and manicures contribute to a woman’s (or a man’s) overall well being?

ShebeLady Blue: Grooming is personal up keep an it is important to one’s health and self esteem. 

C Dyann: How do you set your services/spa experience apart from the average nail salon?

ShebeLady Blue: As a Nail Care Specialist I set myself apart by creating an intimate experience for my clients, providing quality service and meeting their individual nail care needs.

C Dyann: Do you offer any additional services at your place of business?

ShebeLady Blue: Yes I work out of two locations Hands of Healing Day Spa Studio Hayward Ca. provides body wraps, facials, make-up, massage therapy, nails, and waxing services. 

Flirt Nail Lounge Oakland Ca.(Fruitvale) is a Nail Bar/Pedicure Lounge which also offers facials and waxing services.

C Dyann: You look beautiful and glamorous every time I see you. Can you give some advice to busy moms and women with full-time careers on how to capture glamour for themselves in their everyday lives?

ShebeLady Blue: Thank you first off cause it certainly requires me being committed to keeping myself up, I can hear my grandma and aunties now talking about the importance of grooming and that wasn’t a light topic. The convo went something like this “A lady is always suppose to be on top of her hygiene, you never know when an opportunity will present its self” so I took that an ran with it meaning stay on you’re a game as much as possible. Having your own unique style will give you a since of direction then it’s like having a nice place it requires regular up keep, that’s how I see it. This is what I call Self Love, we all have our moments where we want to throw on the sweats and keep it moving however it’s the attitude you have when you rockin’ it. Then there’s this piece that many of us don’t get schooled on, whether you like Colors, Patterns, Style or Fabrics, these are important factors that get over looked when we are looking to create a suitable image that helps use embrace ourselves. I would suggest looking things up fashion/hair magazines and finding styles you like, online now they have image builders or if you want a more interpersonal experience go to a local boutique in your area and/or talk to a Stylist or a beautician and have them help you find the look for you that’s what they specialize in.

C Dyann: What is your biggest/best/proudest accomplishment?

ShebeLady Blue: My biggest an proudest accomplishment at this point in my life is giving birth to my Son, and striving to be a success for him.

C Dyann: What else would you like for potential clients/customers to know about you?

ShebeLady Blue: To my potential clients I am committed to my trade as a nail care specialist, and I have dreams and aspirations such as inspiring other young women of color to get into this business because there are very few of us providing quality service. If you are looking for a nail care specialist that will take care of your hands and feet, let’s meet and explore your needs.


Looking for more information about ShebeLady Blue and her services? Contact her through Facebook.



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