Huma – Yellow/Gold Knitted Beanie/Hat

I just added a new hat to Etsy collection – click here to shop.

Huma 1.JPG


Work Hard, Stay Young

“The day I grew up was the day I realized there is no free lunch,” she says. “You pay for everything — not only in money — but you pay with time, with experience, with love, with pain, you pay some way. You don’t get away free. If you do, you get something for nothing, and it’s worth nothing.” – Iris Apfel (on

I’ve highlighted Apfel in this blog in the past, I just think she’s a fantastic lady. Her career continues to show that it’s never too late to find your calling and work hard to make yourself a success. She talked with about how her passion for her work is still going strong with being 95 years old.