From Concept to Finish

I’m a one-woman show with my hands on a zillion different projects.

The vast majority of them find completion. The ones that don’t generally didn’t shape up the way I expected or wanted and I take them back to the drawing board. I find it too easy at times as a creative person to go off in several different directions, which is actually fine behind the scenes. Before I can complete one project a new one has popped up in my mind, and sometimes writing it down or completing a sketch isn’t enough. I have to dive in to it, even if it means it gets set aside for another day once I’ve reached a midpoint.

What I need to communicate to the world is different. My concepts and creations have to be cleanly articulated into a nice neat bow. Now this is not a complaint – more like confirmation. I enjoy freedom of artistic expression, that’s my blessing and my gift.



Now I’m a Singer

I’ve become involved in so many artistic pursuits over the past few years, but now it seems that I’ve come full circle.

I design jewelry and accessories, but before that – long ago, I played piano. First by following my sister’s lead, then by learning to read music. I played classical music until I became a pre-teen bored with it, frustrated by dreams of becoming a jazz pianist overnight. Discipline was far off, and I pushed all of it aside to become an anxious teenager.

Gospel music became an outlet in college and I joined my school’s choir in my sophomore year. I always loved to sing and this was a way for me to do so without the pressure of standing out anywhere. I also joined my church’s choir in when I lived in Georgia, but as I moved away, so did my involvement in performing.

I sent a friend of mine recently a recording of me singing. She’s a singer, and I told her how much I admired performers. Getting up in front of an audience and letting them hear you sing is no small feat in my opinion. She listened to me sing and told me literally to drop everything and let them hear me sing. She told me to get out and be heard.

Well, you know, talk about a deer in headlights. I’m such a hermit these days. Coupled with the idea of the sheer hassle of navigating L.A. traffic for the sole purpose of exposing my voice to strangers was enough to make me want to board up the windows and doors.

But a good thing happened. I had been wanting/planning a YouTube channel for my designs for some time, but coming up with a good theme seemed impossible. I didn’t want to become another talking head, my mind just isn’t ready for how-to videos, and the thought of just showing pictures of my jewelry and accessories just didn’t seem to be enough. I decided to combine my recordings with images of my work. I got off to a bit of a rough start, but I don’t even care. Putting myself out there as a singer, a solo singer, was one of my biggest accomplishments.

My first major concerns had to do with my voice cracking from time to time, or worries about singing loud enough. Most of those issues had to do with confidence and control which I’m learning about each and every time I make a recording. Songs that seemed difficult to sing at first have become worthwhile challenges and I’ve learned to be patient with myself when I didn’t think I could do what I wanted to achieve. I’m still a long ways off from wanting to be in the spotlight on a live stage, but I’m making steps toward it, and that’s more than enough for me now.

Here’s my YouTube channel:





2000’s Fashion

As fashion time marches on, our return to 90’s fashion is being replaced with the fashion of the early 2000’s. What’s in store? According to Style.Mic, just about everything.

  • Boho-chic
  • Puka/Cowry shell necklaces
  • Rhinestoned clothing
  • Dresses and jeans (together)
  • Capris
  • Coyote Ugly style

If you want to know what the last one is, check out Style.Mic.

It’s Finally Spring


Soon we’ll be shedding coats and sweaters – are you ready? Although there’s often still a slight chill in the air at the beginning, spring time encourages us to shed those layers and show off our bright colors. Two spring trends I’m looking forward to – hats and bright yellow.

Personal Style

What’s your personal style?

As designs and ideas swirl around in my head and land on this website, I want you to know that I’m sharing my personal style with you. I create what I would wear and what I would love to see on other beautiful people. I feel privileged when you take what I’ve created and make it your own. Thank you.


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