Fashion Inspiration And The Price Of Illusion

Admit it – it takes more than a little bit of work to be fabulous you. Yeah I’m talking to you!

The perfect hair, dress and makeup are investments in time, money and patience – drawing perfectly drawn black eyeliner is an art. Wearing four-inch heels all evening sometimes requires smiling through the pain, but we’ll do it because we know we look good.

If you need a little fashion pep talk from time to time, visit and bookmark this page – here’s one of my favorite quotes –

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” ― Coco Chanel

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I already mentioned the price we sometimes pay for looking good – Joan Juliet Buck wrote a book about it and you can read the review here.


Barack Obama Unbothered

President Obama is a superstar. His smile is enough to keep the cameras flashing, but I admire his post-White-House style. Take a look.

Art Perspective: Marcie Eanes

This blog entry is a re-post from early 2014. Marcie Eanes has since published more of her work, entitled Cameo.

Passion’s Zest

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays, we certainly did! Everyone is getting back to work now in this new year, including us.

We had the opportunity to attend a book signing this past Sunday. Author Marcie Eanes is an accomplished poet who came out from the midwest to read her wonderful poetry here in sunny southern California at the Museum of African American Art.

Passions Zest

Marcie Eanes is an independent journalist as well as poet and her book was released in August 2013. I sat down with Eanes and talk with her about her work before her poetry event:

Marcie Eanes: Passion’s Zest

We wish Marcie all the best as she continues to tour the United States with her poetry – hearing her read is a great experience! Visit and like her Facebook page to find out when she will be coming to a city near you.