Barack Obama Unbothered

President Obama is a superstar. His smile is enough to keep the cameras flashing, but I admire his post-White-House style. Take a look.


Art Perspective: Until No More

I met Until a few years ago while working on a project together in Los Angeles. She has since become one of the friendly faces who helped me become adjusted to life in southern California this past year. Until recently put out a new project of her own and is here to talk about it.

C Dyann: Who is Until No More exactly?

Until: Until, is a poet first and just a creative force to be reckoned with. But also a person who is in love with life, people and experiences. It is my joy to be of help and an inspiration to others as well as be inspired by them. Until is a person who works hard to become a better person everyday, which is what writing poetry does, writing period, along with many other things; that is who she is.

C Dyann: When did you know that you were a poet?

Until: I knew I was a poet at the tender age of twelve.


C Dyann: When did you write your first poem?

Until: I wrote my first poem at twelve years old.

C Dyann: What do you think are the biggest obstacles for writers and poets in the 21st century?

Until: Time and intangibleness. People are so in a hurry, no one makes time for anything, they become out of touch. No time to reflect, just do. Everything becomes so convenient, technology replacing people. Attention span lessening, receiving messages we’re losing. Time and in-tangibleness, which to me are the biggest obstacles for us writers and poets in the 21st Century.

C Dyann: Tell us about your latest work.

Until: My latest work is called “I Just Want to Write!” which is my very first poetry edition. Written in three transitions, one, how I began, two, chasing my dreams and how you should to and three, the fun and imagination of it all. Written to inspire, motivate and arouse your imagination while at the same time inviting you into my world to get to know and become one with me.

C Dyann: Where can we expect to see Until five years from now and what will she be doing?

Until: Five years from now, I will have hoped to become a better person in all aspects; along with the publishing of more books, greeting cards and a few intellectual properties and more.

C Dyann: Where can folks go if they want to see you perform some of your work?

Until: My website, will have the occasional list of appearances. I’m around. I pop up in many areas and it may not always list them. So you’ll just have to catch me. Lol! But for now, people can see a teaser of my poetry and hear my spoken word CD on Until TV at

C Dyann: Until’s book can be purchased at her website: and the purchase price is $15.00. Thank you so much for your time Until!