Victoria Beckham At Target And Cult Gaia

Great news for Victoria Beckham fashion fans – her line at Target will be expanded to include size 24. Kudos to her for considering women of all sizes.

Cult Gaia is making waves in the Los Angeles fashion world and Elle magazine has noticed. Their handbag is very popular –

Let the sun in ☀️ #cultgaia

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2000’s Fashion

As fashion time marches on, our return to 90’s fashion is being replaced with the fashion of the early 2000’s. What’s in store? According to Style.Mic, just about everything.

  • Boho-chic
  • Puka/Cowry shell necklaces
  • Rhinestoned clothing
  • Dresses and jeans (together)
  • Capris
  • Coyote Ugly style

If you want to know what the last one is, check out Style.Mic.

Barack Obama Unbothered

President Obama is a superstar. His smile is enough to keep the cameras flashing, but I admire his post-White-House style. Take a look.

High Fashion At Proms

Proms are hard to ignore. For the past few weeks I’ve seen a slew of limousines, girls wearing long gowns, french rolls and flip-flops at Starbucks with equally coiffed and dressed up friends. Relatives and friend’s kids who were mere teenagers just a few short months have transformed into runway models and stunning vixens for that big night.

One high school in New York captured the attention of High fashion and cultivating one’s own look figure prominently into prom attire – it’s nice to see creative expression coming out so strongly. Check them out here.