Yuna Taking On Fashion

It only takes a few moments to look at Yuna, a Malaysian-born singer and songwriter, to see that she’s going places. A beautiful voice and appearance is matched only by her striking sense of style. 

The Cut clues us in to all of her projects (she just dropped an album this May and her e-commerce site, November Culture, is on the rise). 



Africa’s Multi-Billion Dollar Fashion Industry

CNN Style reports that Sub-Saharan Africa’s fashion industry is worth $31 billion. Many of its young designers have been embraced by American celebrities such as Michelle Obama and Beyonce. Vibrant colors and intricate patterns represent a common thread through many offerings. One designer, lafrohemien, emphasizes this in its social media portfolio.

It’s Been A Long Time

I haven’t posted here in ages. But I have good news – it’s because I’ve been blogging on my website! I kept this blog open because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do – I didn’t want to close it but I wasn’t sure that I could manage three blogs at once. Coming up with interesting and relevant content on a regular basis is challenging enough with one blog, let alone three. What you’ll see here going forward is my blog entries from in syndication. That way I can remain in touch with my current subscribers here as well. Thank you so much for continuing to subscribe to my blog, those of you who stuck around while I was absent.