Art Perspective: ShebeLady Blue

ShebeLady Blue is a nail artist who caught my attention  back in 2012 with her style and beauty. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about herself and her practice.


C Dyann: How did you become interested in nail artistry? 

ShebeLady Blue: When I was a young girl my auntie lived with my mother and I, at the time she was in cosmetology school studying an that’s when I became exposed to the beauty industry. My auntie would practice doing my nails and I was really fascinated with the art of nail enhancements.

 C Dyann: Why do women feel the need to get their nails painted?

 ShebeLady Blue: I’ve learned that women have been enhancing their natural beauty since the beginning of time, but overall it make us feel good, adding color or just grooming expresses individuality.


C Dyann: How do pedicures and manicures contribute to a woman’s (or a man’s) overall well being?

ShebeLady Blue: Grooming is personal up keep an it is important to one’s health and self esteem. 

C Dyann: How do you set your services/spa experience apart from the average nail salon?

ShebeLady Blue: As a Nail Care Specialist I set myself apart by creating an intimate experience for my clients, providing quality service and meeting their individual nail care needs.

C Dyann: Do you offer any additional services at your place of business?

ShebeLady Blue: Yes I work out of two locations Hands of Healing Day Spa Studio Hayward Ca. provides body wraps, facials, make-up, massage therapy, nails, and waxing services. 

Flirt Nail Lounge Oakland Ca.(Fruitvale) is a Nail Bar/Pedicure Lounge which also offers facials and waxing services.

C Dyann: You look beautiful and glamorous every time I see you. Can you give some advice to busy moms and women with full-time careers on how to capture glamour for themselves in their everyday lives?

ShebeLady Blue: Thank you first off cause it certainly requires me being committed to keeping myself up, I can hear my grandma and aunties now talking about the importance of grooming and that wasn’t a light topic. The convo went something like this “A lady is always suppose to be on top of her hygiene, you never know when an opportunity will present its self” so I took that an ran with it meaning stay on you’re a game as much as possible. Having your own unique style will give you a since of direction then it’s like having a nice place it requires regular up keep, that’s how I see it. This is what I call Self Love, we all have our moments where we want to throw on the sweats and keep it moving however it’s the attitude you have when you rockin’ it. Then there’s this piece that many of us don’t get schooled on, whether you like Colors, Patterns, Style or Fabrics, these are important factors that get over looked when we are looking to create a suitable image that helps use embrace ourselves. I would suggest looking things up fashion/hair magazines and finding styles you like, online now they have image builders or if you want a more interpersonal experience go to a local boutique in your area and/or talk to a Stylist or a beautician and have them help you find the look for you that’s what they specialize in.

C Dyann: What is your biggest/best/proudest accomplishment?

ShebeLady Blue: My biggest an proudest accomplishment at this point in my life is giving birth to my Son, and striving to be a success for him.

C Dyann: What else would you like for potential clients/customers to know about you?

ShebeLady Blue: To my potential clients I am committed to my trade as a nail care specialist, and I have dreams and aspirations such as inspiring other young women of color to get into this business because there are very few of us providing quality service. If you are looking for a nail care specialist that will take care of your hands and feet, let’s meet and explore your needs.


Looking for more information about ShebeLady Blue and her services? Contact her through Facebook.



Art Perspective: Tiffany Leonard of Tiffany’s Delectables

Disclaimer: Tiffany’s Delectables are addictive…

With that out of the way, not only is Tiffany a sweet person, she can bake a mean cupcake! Another interview from the 2012 archives.

C Dyann: Hello Tiffany, thank you for joining us! How did you decide to create Tiffany’s Delectables? 

Tiffany: Tiffany’s Delectables was created when I was laid off my job from a mortgage company and Christmas approached us and I still hadn’t found a job. My daughter and I baked cookies and brownies for family and friends in the place of giving gifts for Christmas and the response from our gifts was overwhelming. We started baking five years ago this December and I did not come up with a name for Tiffany’s Delectables until about three years ago. 

T Delectables

C Dyann:  You design your baked goods to not only be mouth-watering delicious, but visually appealing as well. How do you develop the various themes and motifs that we’ve seen in your work?

Tiffany: Well my themes come from whatever creations I have going on for the moment. Sharing pictures of my baked goods on social media is one way I interact with customers to see what they think about what I’ve created. I am a firm believer that if it’s not appealing to the eye who would want to eat it? And with that being said, that is why I try to take good pictures of all my work. Secondly, it doesn’t have to just look fancy and pretty but it has to taste good as well, I never want my customers to say it looked pretty but tasted horrible.  

C Dyann: You recently transitioned from working at a desk job to becoming an entrepreneur. What are the risks and rewards?

Tiffany: The risks of not working a 9 to 5 is if you’re not driven and well grounded in what you are doing you may not make it. Everyday is a struggle and you have to  push yourself, network and make connections even when you don’t feel like it. Becoming an entrepreneur full-time takes work and you have to believe and encourage yourself at times, you know, be your own cheerleader. I have to say the rewards are being around to spend time with my children and being able to call the shots.  

C Dyann: Where do you want to take Tiffany’s Delectables, what is your goal?

Tiffany: My goals for Tiffany’s Delectables is to become a household name worldwide and we would like to own cafes where people can come and experience us in person and have a cup of coffee or tea with their delectables.

C Dyann: A career in culinary arts requires a great deal of personal energy and drive, what motivates you and keeps you going?

Tiffany: I get my motivation from my customers, I think that if the customer is happy with my creations that’s all that matters. I love making my customer’s vision happen. What keeps me going are my children and knowing that they love and respect who I am as their mother and as a business woman.

C Dyann: What does a typical day look like for you?

Tiffany: A typical day for me starts with prayer, being a mother to my children, running errands, posting advertisement and interacting with my fans via Facebook,Twitter, emails and phone calls and of course baking.

C Dyann: In ten words or less, how would you describe your business and what do you want your customers to know about you?

Tiffany: We want our customers to taste and feel the love through our Delectables.

C Dyann: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us!

Tiffany: You’re welcome, it was a pleasure!

C Dyann: Where can we find Tiffany’s Delectables?

Tiffany: We’re on Facebook at You can also go directly to our website – or give us a call at 925-594-0147.

Art Perspective: Made by Mattie Beau – Ericka Douresseau

I interviewed Ericka a couple of years ago, a fellow jewelry designer! Read about her and her unique style.

C Dyann: Hello Ericka, thank you for joining us today to talk about your jewelry line, Made by Mattie Beau.

Ericka: Thank you for taking the time out to talk with me.

C Dyann: How long have you been designing jewelry?

Ericka: I began making jewelry in 2005. I initially bought a pair of pliers to fix a necklace. I continued jewelry making as a hobby and turned it into a business January 2012.

Made by Mattie
C Dyann: Who or what motivates you?

Ericka: No single who or what motivates me. For years I prayed that God would reveal my gift to me and he did (I just didn’t know it yet!). I create when & what the spirit tells me to create. 

C Dyann: There are so many jewelry artists on the scene right now. What sets you apart from the rest?

Ericka: What sets me apart from other jewelry designers is that I create one-of-a-kind pieces. 75-80% of my pieces are one of a kind and these days most folks appreciate owning jewelry that no one else has. I will duplicate some pieces, but it depends on my time and if I feel I should duplicate a particular piece.

C Dyann: What advice would you pass on to aspiring jewelry artists?

Ericka: My advice to aspiring jewelry artists: Do you!! Don’t let other folks, haters and naysayers distract you from your creative vision. I have had people advise me on how I should create or how I should alter a particular piece, but I stuck with my original creation and things worked out fine. I can’t stress enough to all artists to be themselves. It is personally fulfilling and extremely satisfying when you allow yourself to follow your dreams, whatever they may be!! Be concerned with creating what makes you happy.

C Dyann: If you could pick one celebrity to wear and promote your brand, who would it be?

Ericka: I would have to say Beyonce. I would love for her to wear something of mine on stage or in a photo opportunity (who wouldn’t want Beyonce to advertise their brand!), but I would really love it if she had one of my pieces as one of her favorite go to pieces for a day of shopping or a trip to the grocery store or to one of Ivy Blues Dr. appointments!! 

C Dyann: Where can we find your jewelry?

Ericka: Visit Made by Mattie Beau on Facebook.

C Dyann: Thank you again, Ericka for being a guest on our blog. We look forward to seeing more of your work in the weeks and months to come!

Art Perspective: Janette Simone of Simone and KoZ

Another wonderful interview from 2012 with my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Janette Simone…enjoy

C Dyann: Hello Janette and thank you for joining me.

Janette: Hello, it’s great to be able to talk with you.

C Dyann: The first thing I noticed about your handbags is that they are incredible. Did you create them?

Janette: Thank you.  That is usually the first response people have when they see my handbags.  I collaborate with a designer to create exquisite, wearable art handbags using goat-hair and leather.  Each handbag has its own unique, individual characteristics and distinguishing patterns that enhance the natural harmony of colors and markings; that means each bag is one-of-a-kind; no two are alike.  This ensures exclusivity which I feel women go to great lengths to seek out and maintain.

C Dyann: Tell us about your company, Simone and KoZ.

Janette: Although not being directly involved with the fashion industry, I chose to take a quantum leap and leave behind a lucrative job in Australia to ‘give birth’ to Simone & KoZ.  Really, this was out of years of frustration with the mass-produced handbag offerings found at malls.  I recognized a niche in the handbag accessory market where I could offer today’s trendy women a completely unique, exotic, beautifully crafted animal hide handbag that is on the ‘edge’ and isn’t available to the masses.   


C Dyann: How passionate are you about fashion and design?

Janette: Fashion is all around us and like it or not, fashion defines us. I have a propensity for exotic animal prints and feel they contribute to my personal fashion sense and self-expression. Handbags are an essential component to any woman’s wardrobe and many women own several handbags (and shoes).  Women’s purses are uniquely personal statements.  I gain a lot of satisfaction providing women with an ‘inspired’ handbag that combines the traditional with the outrageous – adding a cheeky twist to their usual handbag accessory.  I love encouraging my friends to discover their wild side by accessorising with animal prints.  Individuality and exclusivity is really an important factor for me in handbag accessories.  I wanted to offer a handbag that is not only a conversation piece, but that is also functional and would accommodate a woman’s lifestyle needs season after season.

C Dyann: Who are your favorite designers?

Janette: Of course that’s always a tough question to answer… but I’ll start off with Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton – all have encouraged me on many levels with their personal history, creativity and beautifully crafted handbags throughout many generations. 

C Dyann: Who/what inspires you?

Janette: I find Beverly Feldman to be very inspirational.  I love her motto of ‘Too Much Is Not Enough’.  I completely relate to her when she says: ‘In life, you can sit and wait for things to happen, or you can get up and make them happen’. I’m about making things happen!

C Dyann: What do you consider your favorite accessory?

Janette: I’m a sentimental woman at heart, so this is a very personal item – my mother’s wedding ring – which she gave to me when she died – it has not left my finger in 30 years.

C Dyann: Sentimental with impeccable taste, you sound like someone who has a lot to share with the fashion world for years to come. Thank you so much for spending time with us!

Janette Simone and her company Simone and KoZ can be found at:

Her email address is:

Art Perspective – Makeup Artist Donaldo Taylor

I had the opportunity to talk with a wonderful makeup artist back in May 2012 – I’m reposting his interview. He was nice enough to update us on his thoughts and reflections for 2014 as well, detailed below the interview.

– Chandra

C Dyann: Hi, it’s so nice to get a chance to speak with you. Where do you live and where are you from originally?

Donaldo: I currently live in the metropolitan Atlanta area but I’m originally from Republic of Panama.


C Dyann: How did you get your start as a makeup artist?

Donaldo:  I stumbled upon this talent as an adult however,  I remember my mother teaching me as a child the beauty of colors through flowers, the ocean and vegetation growing all around us in Panama. She taught me the blending of colors with my coloring book and later I just incorporated all of my knowledge onto the human canvas. I also attribute my passion to my friend Pauline. She sat me down one day in my bedroom and gave me the strength and courage to pursue my dream.

C Dyann: Who is your inspiration?

Donaldo: My inspiration is my Mother’s spirit that lives in my heart and looking at what God has created in his beautiful Universe.

C Dyann: You have built an outstanding portfolio as a makeup artist at Armani and MAC. Where can we find you now?

Donaldo: I made the leap to become self-employed and I am loving every single minute of it. I can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

C Dyann: Donaldo thank you so much for spending time with us. You’re a phenomenal makeup artist!

Donaldo: Thank you!

Experience Donaldo | Celebrity Makeup Artist | Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Miami


I have been asked on numerous occasions, How do I become a Celebrity Make Up Artist? My answer is always the same. Lots of prayers, God’s favor and networking, networking, networking.
When my journey led me to the Art of Make Up Artistry. I studied the works of the different Artist in the Industry. As well as the different genres of Make Up Artistry that I could venture in to (Theater, SFX, Fashion, Urban etc). Once I decided which route peaked my interest. I then researched numerous photographers in my area, whose work mimicked “my style”. I sent emails, made phone calls to the various photographers and offered my services free of charge to build my book. One subject matter that we as Artist seem to stumble on is the business aspect of Make Up Artistry. I recommend studying the different structures of major corporations and incorporating some of their beliefs into your business!!!!
Once your book is built you can at that moment start marketing your talents to the various Modeling Agencies, Events etc in your area. Before you know it your name will start circulating around and your journey has now begun!
In this industry it is truly who you know vs. what you know. Running parallel to that is trying to balance “your reality” vs “your dream”. The industry is not consistent whatsoever, compared to the “everyday world” of working the typical 9 to 5. As each day passes a new set of issues arises weather its bills stacking up, hopes diminishing or battling with Father time.
However, with all of these opposing forces your quest should always be to keep striving to attain your goal(s). Study your craft and try not to compare yourself to how far your fellow Make Up Artist have gone in their career. Enjoy the journey and know that the journey your on was created just for you, no one else. So take pride in every step that you take and know that the happiness you achieve from the beautiful craft of Make Up Artistry is all that matters, Happiness is key!